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ALTAA -Alliance pour les Transitions Agricoles et Alimentaires

The French ecosystem of agricultural and food organisations operating at the national and local levels is currently disjointed. Business-as-usual defenders remain very present, which leaves no room for the emergence and mainstreaming of ambitious changes. This last point encouraged Solagro, Pistyles and their partners in 2021 to found ALTAA, which aims to foster a movement of pioneering and committed cross-sectoral sub-national practitioners working for ambitious and just food transitions.

Pragmatically, ALTAA is emerging through the coordination of an initial pilot campaign to shift food environments toward more plant-based diets, which remains a controversial and rarely addressed issue locally, despite its crucial role in reducing the climate impact of diet. The HFHP grant allows Solagro and its partners to consolidate an emerging momentum to create the conditions for a radical transformation of the food system. Their work focuses on creating a space for dialogue, cooperation and action between the various local and national agri-food organisations, on raising demands for food policy in the territories, on changing the narrative to highlight alternative scenarios and on cooperation between ALTAA and other European partners.

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24 months
September 2022 - September 2024

Key Partners

Pistyles SCOP, Chaire Unesco Alimentations du Monde/l’Institut Agro, Montpellier.