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What We Do

Creating a beautiful union between movement building and grant making.

(Un)-learning may be the trick.

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Movement Building


Grant Making

Movement building, (un)learning and grant making are our three key ingredients, tasking the movement to create the perfect recipe for success. We know that that these components are intertwined and mutually reinforcing, ensuring that the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.  

The whole needs to be bigger than the sum of our parts

Bringing together animal welfare, food justice and health organisations, farmers and workers’ associations, we use compassionate curiosity to weave alliances. We organise events, both in person such as the Bike of Bees in September 2022 and online in the form of B(re)aking Bread sessions. We amplify (y)our voices, striving to ensure the right voices are at the table, rather than on the menu. We share information in the form of quarterly What's Cooking newsletters and through building the Hive, an online linking & learning community where the magic happens to co-create new ideas, projects and collaborations. All this to strengthen the movement, giving agency and urgency to our joint advocacy and campaigning efforts.

Learning, un-learning and re-learning will be crucial in our journey to the perfect recipe

We have co-created  a Transformational Learning framework(TLF) and have that form the basis for a simple Monitoring and Evaluation tool that is in service of the TLF. It implies topsy-turvy-ing the conventional approach to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. Overall, we see the learning approach as a circular continuum of exploring, testing and (un-)learning to help us enhance transformative and system change.

When people connect, learning starts
When people listen, learning enhances
When people do and act, learning deepens

It allows successful approaches to advocacy to scale-out and scale up from the grassroots. It is learning from (and in fact welcoming) mistakes (and in some cases failure) and being open to solutions that takes the whole movement out of our comfort zone. It is what is essential to catalyse transformative change for the trailblazers and frontrunners that are needed to rise to the challenges ahead of us. You can read the progress on co-creating the TLF in a blog called Digging In!

Grant making in service of movement building

The design of the grant making model through the pooled fund is also in service of strengthening the movement building and (un-)learning, abiding by the principles of co-creation and collaboration, rather than competition.  This is what we already learned from the first Request for Proposals issued in December 2021 and based on these learnings we have been working on a different design, moving closer to participatory grant making.

The way we envision the design to work in practice is according to the below flow.