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What We Dream

In 2021, we co-created a Theory of Change, visualised by a tree, a Tree-ory of Change.
After all, we are planting the seeds, while growing the tree, our version of ‘flying the plane, while building it’. 

Photo Credit

Marinke van Riet
Bike of Bees, September 2022

Scrolling down the beautiful tree, let's start with the seeds and roots – essential to give life to a strong and dynamic tree. The seeds and roots are all the stakeholders, collaborative spaces, and supporting units, similar to the (bee) hive. The deepest longest roots are the supporting units in pink, the medium size in green the stakeholder groups and the shortest thickest ones in orange the collaborative spaces. (if they light up, they are clickable)

These grow into a big three-part trunk, representing the three Communities of Practice Retail, Finance and Sub-national Action. This is where the magic happens: sharing, (un-)learning and co-creating new ideas that may lead to funding. The flowers around the tree are the principles, that guide our work. After all, biodiversity is critical.  From the trunk you slowly go into thick branches, each branch representing an outcome. There are six outcomes in total. Each outcome has its own unique harvest of fruits, representing the current and future funded projects.  It shows how they are part of and contributing to the movement, showing that the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. We move up to five nice clouds, representing the ultimate goals.  And finally, we reach our ultimate North star.