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Invite: the Recipes for Success for movements in Europe!

29 Nov
Nov 29, 2022

Recipes for Success is the new must-read collaboration guide, featuring learnings from civil society groups working towards healthy and sustainable diets at national and local level in Europe. Spearheaded by UK Alliance Eating Better, the guide is based on 9 years of its experience and rich insights from alliances across Europe.

Join us on Tuesday November 29 at 13.00 CET / 12.00 BST to spice up the key ingredients, to Link & Learn with Alizee Marceau from the Alliance pour les Transitions Agricoles et Alimentaires for a transition to more local plant-based food environments and Inka Lange from Wir Haben Es Satt in Germany, the movement behind the biggest national demonstration -in 2023 dedicated to Good Food for ALL!

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