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Crime and nourishment

Qualia is a non-profit organisation that curates theatrical productions, exhibitions, workshops, and education & research projects that deal with cultural history and heritage. They envision a world of fair cultural participation and expression for all, and for that reason they highly value collaboration with local communities, schools, universities, and sociocultural organisations.

The project “Crime & Nourishment” started in 2019 and is dedicated to culinary heritage and received Creativity Pioneer award, a programme by the Moleskine Foundation, with whom Healthy Food Healthy Planet partnered to fund their Creativity Pioneer micro-grants programme.

It combines gamification and theater techniques with oral testimonies of local communities and elements of tangible & intangible cultural heritage, creating a unique mystery game for people of all ages and backgrounds. The participants try to solve a riddle using as hints various traditional dishes and agrifood products, which they try while exploring emblematic and less well-known landmarks of the city. The game's aim is to connect the participants experientially and sensorially with places and local communities through taste, learning in this way both the history of the city and its food over time, but also the experiences of communities and people who were not recorded by the "official" history. "Crime and Nourishment" has a different scenario every time and it can be implemented anywhere in the world, as well as online. It aims at transferring knowledge and raising awareness around gastronomic, environmental and cultural themes, through playing!


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