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National Campaign to Fight Factory Farm Expansion

This campaign received a 5000 £ microgrant by Healthy Food Healthy Planet via Sustain's Food For the Planet microgrant program.

The Polish Ecological Club in Krakow, Gliwice Chapter is a local chapter of the Polish Ecological Club -  one of the leading, independent, environmental NGO in Poland. The Gliwice Chapter was established in 1988, became a legal entity in 1993 and was added to the association registry in 2001. PEC Gliwice has been carrying out its non-profit activities through the implementation of both national and international projects.

The main mission of PEC Gliwice is: shaping environmental awareness, improving the condition of the Polish environment and the protection and conservation of Polish natural and cultural heritage. This is achieved through a variety of activities, including workshops, study trips, public events, and the creation of educational materials.

The activities of PEC Gliwice are aimed at a diverse audience, from preschool children to experts in their fields, such as scientists and agricultural advisors. The topics undertaken cover a wide range of fields related to environmental protection: climate change mitigation, deforestation and sustainable agriculture.

With the "National Campaign to Fight Factory Farm Expansion" project, PEC Gliwice will continue its efforts to protect the environment by curbing the growth of industrial livestock production. In Poland, factory farming has been expanding exponentially since the early 2000s. Every year, new factory farms are established, often to the detriment of local communities. PEC Gliwice will aim to provide targeted support to the local communities affected by factory farming. Furthermore, information material will be produced to raise awareness on the negative impact of intensive animal production, the importance of animal welfare as well as the steps that can be undertaken to stop the expansion of factory farms.

PKE Gliwice
5 months
1st August 2023-31st of December 2023

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