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Creativity Pioneers

Back in May, Healthy Food Healthy Planet partnered with the Moleskine Foundation to support their Creativity Pioneers programme, aiming to drive social change through creativity. In 2023, the programme now includes over 15 partner foundations, and it was the first time it included a food and farming focus. As a result, over 100 organisations around the globe tackling food issues as one of their impact areas applied to the call. Healthy Food Healthy Planet funded 5 of these micro-grants for organisations based in Europe!

Here they are:

  • Grigri Proyectos Socioculturales – located in Madrid and founded in 2017, this platform develops cultural research, creation and production projects in Europe (but not only) that arise from the community environment.
  • Terzo Paesaggio is an Italian organisation whose mission is to transform culturally-based urban regeneration practices, with a focus on marginal areas using the landscape as a place of negotiation between human and non-human entities.
  • Qualia in Greece focuses on agri-food and cultural heritage entrepreneurship since 2021. It raises awareness about the community’s heritage and history through food experiences, gamification and theatre techniques.
  • X-FARM is a social cooperative which aims, among other things, to regenerate a 50-hectare farm in the countryside of San Vito dei Normanni (Apulia, Southern Italy) confiscated from the mafia, to bring economic, environmental and social sustainability and well-being to the surrounding community.
  • AMAKABA – is a centre for the wisdom of the earth, the body and the sky, in the Amazonian Forest of French Guiana. It honours and protects the forest by growing healthy food, implementing agroforestry and environmental education. It creates bridges between science and traditional knowledge and raises awareness of the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Food Healthy Planet had the pleasure of attending a gathering on the 10 and 11th of October in Milano, check this article by Vogue (in Italian)!  

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