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Bringing together voices for a food system change in Spain

The Federation of Consumers and Users (CECU), is a democratic, progressive, pluralist and independent entity, founded in 1983. It was the first confederation of consumers associations existing back then.

Its three main missions are:

1. To promote and coordinate consumers and user movement nationally and internationally.

2. To be a legitim interlocutor between consumers and users and the different administrative entities in Spain.

3. To promote  and protect consumer's and user's rights.

Since 2016, Friends of the Earth Spain, Justicia Alimentaria and the Consumer association CECU, have been working together with Food & Water Action Europe, to radically change the way animal-sourced foods are produced and consumed in Spain. Indeed, Spain is the 4th world exporter of pork meat and since 2013, the number of pigs in factory farms has increased by 20.000 animals per week, having devastating impacts in rural economies, the environment and public health. This debate has now become mainstream but there has been a lack of a coordinated movement to push the agenda to transform the food system in Spain.

Therefore, this project aims to bring different voices to the table, such as those from organisation working on agroecology, human health, peasants and labour rights. The goal is to build new narratives for the Spanish livestock farming and agricultural sector and pave the way for the agroecological transition.

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Confederación de Consumidores y Usuarios (CECU)
Germany, Spain & United Kingdom
52, 621
9 months
June 2022- February 2023

Key Partners

Friends of the Earth Spain, Justicia Alimentaria