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The worker driven justice project

Ethical consumer and its partners will implement the project “worker driven justice”. The ground-breaking Worker-Driven Social Responsibility (WSR) model is expanding to Europe. As pioneered by US Coalition of Immokalee Workers and supported now by the Worker-Driven Social Responsibility (WSR) Network, WSR programmes involve legally binding agreements between worker led organisations and brands to improve working conditions, and are already operating in the supply chains of big brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Levi’s.

This grant will support a pilot WSR model being developed in Scotland (the Fair Fish Programme) and initial exploration of the potential for a WSR model in southern Spain's agricultural sector which heavily supplies UK and European supermarkets.

Worker Driven Justice Coalition
205 000
January 2024 to June 2025

Key Partners

Ethical Consumer

SAT Almeria

The coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)

WSR Network's

Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX)