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WECF France

Bien manger pour sa santé!

Women Engage for a Common Future in France is the French office of WECF, an international ecofeminist network of organisations whose goal is to build with women a healthy, sustainable and equitable world. Since its creation in 2008, WECF France has been working on major issues such as environmental health, acting at a local, regional, national and international level according to the following key objectives:

  1. To influence public authorities to change environmental regulations and to take gender into account in public policies.
  2. Train health and childhood professionals to reduce the exposure to toxic products.
  3. Raise awareness among the general public to apply healthy, sustainable and fair solutions in their daily lives.
  4. Coordinate and support collective and local projects led by women and responding to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  5. Facilitating the reflection of companies and institutions on their areas of competence.

Since 2008, WECF has developed a "Nesting approach", aiming to promote toxic-free and non-chemical alternatives through information activities for parents and offering training sessions to health and early childhood staff. Over the years, WECF France created a network of over 300 environmental health trainers, including midwifes in around 70 maternity wards all over the country. They are holding regular awareness raising “Nesting” workshops on parenting and environmental health everywhere in France.

In 2020, WECF started working in a new area related to food and health. The approach is research-based and promotes a sustainable diet, promoting plant-based, real and varied food. "Bien manger pour sa santé" or "Eating well for good health" workshops which are part of the HFHP funding have been very successful and their aim is to reinforce its content by elaborating a teaching itinerary and strengthening their network of environment health trainers’ capacities. Particular attention is given to ensuring that these workshops are accessible to those most vulnerable to food insecurity.

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Women Engage for a Common Future France
12 months
May 2022 - April 2023

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