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Educate, Engage & Challenge: Engaging finance, retail, and health professionals in the transition

Vegetarian Society of Denmark (DVF) is an association for vegans, vegetarians and supporters of a plant-based lifestyle that was created in 1896. Its two primary goals are:

1. To promote the plant-based lifestyle in Denmark.

2. To deliver information on the impact of dietary choices on animals, humans and the planet.

In October 2021, Denmark adopted an unprecedented deal on plant-based development (175 million Euros), which key politicians attribute to DVF work and network for Plant Proteins. DVF believes engaging professionals is key to ensure radical change as well as applying  a combination of simultaneous approaches: (1) Educate, (2) challenge and (3) involve them.

Indeed the project strategically engages professionals from three key sectors – finance, retail, and health - in the transition to reduce meat consumption and production in Denmark, while also engaging in international best-practice sharing. Many professional actors are hesitant, feel trapped by the current system and fierce competition or keep pointing towards the individual choice of consumers. This project involves professionals in finding new pathways and subsequently apply their insights to involve, educate and challenge their colleagues.

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Vegetarian Society of Denmark (DVF)
12 months
June 2022 - June 2023

Key Partners

FAIRR, Good Money, Feedback EU, PAN International, The Danish Nutritionist Association, Danish Society for Lifestyle Medicine