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Buy Better Food: Campaign for Sustainable Food on the Public Plate

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, is a global network working with more than 2500 local and regional governments, committed to sustainable urban development. It engages shaping policy and sparking action to transform urban environments worldwide.

One subject ICLEI and the project's key partners have been working on is Sustainable Public Food Procurement (PFP). The current food system is heavily contributing to the climate and public health crisis by offering very unhealthy and unsustainable foods and one way to tackle that is by changing PFP criteria. That is why they have started a campaign called "Buy Better Food" which demands an uptake of public food procurement rules that work for the environment, consumers, and workers, and that provide healthy food to European citizens in public places such as schools, hospitals and elderly care homes.

Buy Better Food campaign aims to catalyse the attention, both at the national and European level on PFP as a driver of change by amplifying the actions of local and regional stakeholders. The nature of the campaign is wide with organisations based all around Europe and diverse  audiences. It has already received seed funding from the European Climate Foundation and is currently developing its structure and preliminary communication strategy. HFHP funding is enabling the campaign to expand the network and advocacy actions. More precisely, it is contributing to making the campaign bigger and more visible, expanding the core team expertise, growing the wider campaign network, boosting communication, developing a new narrative and starting a call for action involving local governments.

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ICLEI European Secretariat
13 months
July 2022- September 2023

Key Partners

Eating City (France), Fondazione Ecosistemi (Italy), Mensa Civica (Spain), Organic Cities Network (Europe), Skutecne zdrava Skola, z.s (Czech Republic), Sustain -The Alliance for Better Food and Farming (UK)