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Building a strategic alliance with the health sector for ‘less and better’ animal-sourced food in Europe - a cross-border collaboration

The European Public Health Alliance or EPHA is Europe's leading alliance advocating for better health. It's a member-led organisation made up of public NGOs, health patients and professionals and disease groups. Its mission is to provide leadership and facilitate change to enable fair solutions to Europe's public health challenges.

Wir Haben es Satt, Réseau Action Climat and Eating Better, three national coalitions in Germany, France and the United Kingdom working on transforming food systems, are joining forces with EPHA to strengthen their capacities to engage with the health sector for "less and better" animal sourced foods in Europe, a way to tackle the environmental impact of our plate.

Their joint project is identifying potential national and cross border (UK, France, Germany) campaign entry points and joint asks for collaborative work with health focused NGOs. In addition, joint activity at a national level with representative(s) of the health sector are being tested and a joint strategic advocacy based on the outcomes is being launched. A strategic guidance document for the health sector engagement reflecting the lessons learnt is also being delivered.

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European Public Health Alliance, Eating Better, Wir Haben Es Satt and Reseau Action Climat
France, Germany & United Kingdom
12 months
September 2021- August 2022

Key Partners

European Public Health Alliance, Wir Haben Es Satt, Reseau Action Climat