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Pooling strengths of consumer, health and animal advocates to accelerate the shift to more sustainable food systems.

For over 40 years, Eurogroup for Animals has worked to improve the protection of animals, counting more than 85 member organisations across Europe and beyond. Its primary focus  is to improve the well-being of as many animals as possible, and defend animals’ interests by advocating for better legislation, standards, enforcement and societal attitudes, through a united community of animal protection organisations and via lawful means.

Wanting to seize the opportunity to influence the next EU sustainable foods system framework law, Eurogroup for Animals has partnered with the "Bureau Européen des Unions des Consommateurs" (BEUC), and the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). An innovative collaboration between these three powerful societal groups, bringing together animal advocates, consumer's organisations and the public health sector is aiming  to ‘grow’ a sustainable food system with healthy, more plant-rich diets and ‘less and better’ animal product consumption and production. Exploiting the process of the EU SFS law and the political momentum offered by the European elections, this partnership is looking to shape the initiative through policy work and by mobilising public support.

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Eurogroup for Animals
296 770
24 months
September 2022 -  September 2024

Key Partners

Bureau Européen des Unions des Consommateurs (BEUC), European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)