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Ecologistas en acción Spain

The true price of Mediterranean food

Ecologistas en Acción is a confederation of over 300 environmental groups in towns and cities around Spain. They are committed to social ecologism, understanding that environmental problems have their origin in an increasingly globalised model of production and consumption, from which other social issues derive.

In the Region of Murcia, in the South East of Spain, Ecologistas en Acción has been fighting for over 20 years for the conservation of the Mar Menor. The latter is one of Europe’s largest saltwater lagoons, separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a huge 22km sandbar. The coastal lagoon is experiencing extreme eutrophication – a massive growth of algae caused by a discharge of nutrients – turning the water green and collapsing the whole ecosystem. Only in August 2020, 4.5 tones of dead fish were cleared from the water...Intensive agriculture in "Campo de Cartagena", a nearby region, is the primary cause of the Mar Menor crisis.  

Most of the Mar Menor's production and produce is exported to Germany and the United Kingdom and sold in supermarkets chains in those countries. That explains why Ecologistas en Acción has joined forces with partners in  Europe, mainly in Germany, to campaign and push both buyers and their providers, towards another model of fresh food chain supply.

The ultimate goal is to end the grave pollution that is killing the Mar Menor lagoon, and thus achieving a fairer and more sustainable food supply chain model for all.

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Ecologistas en Acción Región Murciana
Germany & Spain
13 months
September 2022 - September 2023

Key Partners

Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (DUH)