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Aktion Agrar

Reduce the number of livestock - give farms & future a chance!

Aktion Agrar is a small grassroots organisation based in Magdeburg, Germany. Their overall goal is to change the way farming is done in favour of sustainable, socially and environmentally compatible traditional farming methods. Given the level of resistance in industrial agriculture, Aktion Agrar believes this change needs to be a joint effort, if farmers and urban and rural consumers reject a policy which accepts more industrial-scale livestock units, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and monocultures at the expense of the disappearance of farms.

For the project titled "Reduce the number of livestock - give farms & futures a chance!" Aktion Agrar has joined forces with another German network called Wir Haben Es Satt, in their aim to work intersectionally with the climate justice and animal welfare movements as well as with farmers. The overall objective is for a drastic reduction of the number of farm animals, by strengthening the movement and making the reduction of animal husbandry an electoral topic in Lower Saxony. They do this through a multi-prong approach such as a multi-day bicycle tour, action camps and peaceful marches.

With creative participatory activities, picture-strong actions as well as advocacy work, the campaign demands a raise in the sales tax on animal products.

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Aktion Agrar
26 months
Jun 2022 - September 2024

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