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Invitation for B(re)aking Bread session: Hear from the Health Sector

8 Mar
Mar 8, 2023

On Wednesday 8th of March from 12.30 to 13:45 CET, Healthy Food Healthy Planet will be hosting the next B(re)aking Bread session to hear from the health sector.

B(re)aking Bread is an informal space to prepare and share a (virtual) meal together. But it is also so much more: it is about caring, having meaningful conversations, asking tough questions to create a sense of community and ultimately belonging.

The health sector is an important stakeholder in the transition to healthy, sustainable and just diets. But how do you engage with ' the sector' (if there is such a thing)? And are they actually a good group to do advocacy with? And what about the links between human and planetary health? And how do people with diabetes -those with a lived experience- want to be part of the discussions and positioning in this diet shift?

These are just a few questions -and we are sure you have many more- we hope to explore in a conversation between Niklas Oppenrieder from the Physicians Association for Nutrition, Alexia Charvet from the Federation Francaise des Diabetiques and Vivian Maduekeh from the Global Alliance for the Future of Food - a donor collaborative- building on GAFF's report Creating Better Health for People, the Planet and Animais Creating Better Health for People, the Planet and Animais

Sign on below! Hope to see you over (virtual) lunch on International Women's Day.

With gratitude,

HFHP Coordination Team

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